About US

The GS Handcraft Story

Hi, we are Goran & Sandra. We founded GS Handcraft after a successful summer project to build a guitar. We loved the idea of creating a beautiful custom guitar and were attracted to the idea of building things with our hands.

Thus, we combined our passions and founded GS Handcraft, focusing on creating custom guitars, guitar service, instrument restoration, and more.

Our philosophy is that every guitar player should have the best, and we strive to deliver unparalleled products to our customers. We select the finest woods and use creative methods to refine the custom shapes and tailor-make them to fit the personal style of our clients. It allows us to create electric guitars with fantastic playability and impressive details; it is all a part of a usual day at the GS Handcraft workshop.

What we do

At GS Handcraft, you get our utmost dedication when we create the best guitar for you. The love we have for our work has been the guiding force behind our brand.

The GS Handcraft story started with making custom guitars, but we branched out, and now we create beautiful, bespoke electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and stave-shell drums. We focus on using Macedonian woods, but we also source quality woods from all over the world, combining them to achieve an amazing sound result.

Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional products, and we always put the clients first. You can see some of our instruments on our website here, and please follow us on social media, where we post regular updates.

As a part of the GS Handcraft story & experience, we run a repair and restoration shop that is responsible for breathing life back into many very treasured instruments.

How We Do it

To create a new guitar or a stave drum, first, we consult with the client and discuss their ideas and expectations. It is an approach that allows us a glimpse into the client’s wishes, and it will enable us to find the direction in which to develop the idea and take the creation process. Initially, we prepare several drafts and consider various options with the client before we settle the final client-approved choice for the guitar that we are going to build.

Our clients get to select the types of woods that go into their guitars, the hardware, the pickups, the frets, and even the custom guitar accessories – every detail will be per the client’s wishes.

We allow the client to follow each step of the process and give them the opportunity to come to our shop, meet us, and pick up the guitar of their dreams in person. It is the GS Handcraft story in short. If you are interested in learning more about our brand or seeing how we can build the guitar of your dreams for you, please get in touch with us to discuss the available options.

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