Repair shop

Restoration and repairs of all types of instruments

Repairs and restorations

The GS Handcraft repair and restoration shop is responsible for breathing back life into many old and treasured instruments. Our work starts with simple repairs and fret changes of electric and acoustic guitars. We also do complete restorations and custom refinishing of various instruments.

Our daily repairs and improvements include bone nuts and saddles, string height adjustments, thorough cleaning and polishing. We do a lot of folk instrument repairs and refinishing and gluing broken necks of guitars and basses. Similarly, we apply custom shellac finish on guitar necks, do custom finishes on drums and more.

Some of our proudest repairs are featured here, as we have resurrected instruments that were seemingly unsalvageable. The Sonor Horst Link signature drum set that was caught in a flood is one example. Another is the 100-year old master’s violin that was sat on and many others.

Furthermore, you can see some photos of our work below. For more info, follow us on social media where we post regular updates from our shop.