About US

Who we are

We are a small, tenacious team that shares a great passion for building things with our hands. We have a deep passion for music, both listening and creating music. Combining our two great passions allow us to look at the results of our workday and see a beautiful new instrument slowly taking shape.

This is the short story how GS Handcraft was founded. But to deliver the best, we always strive to work with the best. Selecting extraordinary woods, using creative methods to refine bespoke shapes and add amazing details, this is all a part of a usual day at the GS Handcraft workshop.

What we do

The love we have for our work has been the guiding force behind our brand, GS Handcraft. Under this name, we build bespoke electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and stave-shell drums.

You can see some of our instruments here and also follow us on social media, where we post regular updates. As a part of the GS Handcraft experience, we run a repair and restoration shop that is responsible for breathing life back into many very treasured instruments.

How We Do it

The first thing we do when preparing a new instrument is to consult with the client to find out ther desires and wishes regarding the guitar of their dreams. We preprare several drafts and consider plenty of options before we settle on the final client-approved choice and start the actual build.

This may seem tedious to most, but we have found it to be the best way of pinpointing the client’s wishes and exceed the expectations. We allow the client to follow each step of the process and give them the opportunity to come to our shop, meet us and pick up their instrument in person.